The Pleasure of Giving

oxmo-design bullets and bandages

There is an old saying that says “it is better to give than to receive” and although many people agree with that, preferring to be the one presenting a gift rather than perhaps being embarrassed receiving one. However, the problem many people experience with giving a gift; is choosing what to buy.

After all, if someone really wants something, they would have bought it for themselves already. Of course there are still many things someone may like but just has not gotten around to buying yet but what are they and how do you find out what they are and yet still make a surprise of the gift?

The website have the solution to some of these dilemmas as they specialize in unique gifts, mainly for men but do include some for women. The gifts are unique because they are made from spent military ammunition, mainly used rounds or cartridges. The gifts are not just show pieces though as most of them have been transformed into very useful gadgets like bottle openers, cuff links or coasters.

Each of the gifts can also be customized with a person’s name being etched into it and perhaps even the occasion for which the gift was given. This makes the gifts not just unique because of what they are made from but also unique because of the engraving; a special gift for a special occasion.

The website belongs to a company which is relatively new and was founded by military veterans who now give a percentage of their profits to a military charity. Although they have now been in business for several years, they are still relatively unheard of which means it is unlikely that the person, who is to receive the gift, even knows of the existence of such a gift, let alone already have one.

These gifts have become popular as gifts for a best man at weddings or as a Father’s Day gift but some items have been customized so as to be equally suitable as a gift for a bridesmaid.

The main problem when thinking of a gift for someone is not just knowing what they would want but also be fairly certain that no one else will buy them the same thing. This means that if there is something which they obviously need, someone else has probably decided to buy them it and so you are left none the wiser.

That is why finding a unique gift, is so important as it is very unlikely someone else has already bought one for the recipient. As this website’s gifts are not readily available in stores, there is far less chance of someone else even knowing of their existence, let alone buying one.

The fact that some of the profits will go to a veteran’s charity also means that the one gift is a double gift, a gift to the person receiving it and also an unknown gift to an unknown veteran somewhere that is equally deserving of something.

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