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Tackle is a term which means fishing equipment and so every serious fisherman, whether they partake in salt or fresh water fishing, will own their own tackle box; a box to keep all their fishing equipment in. Of course the rods will not fit but a fisherman should have everything else in just one box so that all they have to carry to their fishing site or their fishing boat is the rod and their tackle box.

The tackle box of course has to be kept well supplied with whatever they may need and websites like the one by Eat My Tackle can provide anything that a serious fisherman may need for their box. Apart from the obvious; a rod, a line and a reel, a fisherman’s equipment will include hooks lures or bait. The hooks are obviously needed to catch a fish and the lures are artificial temptations for a fish. Bait is perhaps often even better than a lure as bait is either live fish or worms or pieces of cut up meat. The lure or bait are meant to catch a fish’s attention and want it to try and eat it and so there are different types of lure or bait that present a better temptation to certain fish and so using the right one can be very important in determining if you get a good day’s catch.

The two main types of fishing are saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing but each of those have a variety of different techniques, depending on what it is you are hoping to catch. It is usual for saltwater fishermen to use stronger rods and lines than the freshwater fishermen and this is because they usually want to catch larger fish. Each rod and line will have its own maximum weight it can cope with but if you are using one line and have already had a hard struggle with a fish, regardless of whether or not you caught that fish, you may want to consider changing your line as the previous fish may have weakened it somewhat.

When fishing on a river, a freshwater fisherman may carefully choose his spot depending on what type of fish they are hoping to catch but with saltwater fishermen, they will usually have to rely on the boat’s captain to know the right places to take them for what they are hoping to catch. Whether you are a saltwater or freshwater fisherman though, the location you choose is paramount in determining if you will have a successful day’s fishing and so choose wisely.

Accidents can happen and so whilst fishing you could get a cut or a fish may even bite you and so every tackle box should contain at least a basic first aid kit and a means of cutting a line should a fish prove especially troublesome, like a sharp knife or perhaps even a pair of nail clippers; anything as long as it is handy and can easily be used to cut a fishing line if the need arises.

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